Dress For Yoga

Everything You Need To Know About Yoga Clothes And Equipment

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What Should A Beginner Wear To Yoga?

Yoga can be intimidating for anyone who has never tried it before. From the culture surrounding it to the physical challenges that come with holding certain poses, the practice is full of mysteries that may seem insurmountable at first.

What Should A Beginner Wear To Yoga

Should I Wear A Bra Doing Yoga?

If you’ve ever stepped foot into a yoga class, then you know that there is always plenty of chatter in the room. One topic that always comes up is whether or not it’s okay to take your clothes off during class. 

Should You Wear Shorts Or Leggings For Yoga?

When you hear the word ‘yoga’, you might automatically think of a yoga class or a person practicing yoga. But, what about your clothes? Are leggings or shorts better for when you are going to your Yoga class or not?

What To Wear To Yoga | Yoga Clothing Tips For Men And Women

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