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If you’re anything like me, you probably cringe at the thought of being forced to do something that goes against your personal values. That is why so many people shy away from activities that force them to be someone else. However, there are those few who embrace it and enjoy every bit of it. And with the growing popularity of yoga in the Western world, we are bound to see more practitioners embracing their inner yogi and reaching new levels of authenticity along the way. While there isn’t a clear cut answer on whether or not you should wear makeup while doing yoga, most yoga teachers will recommend keeping things neutral and clean so as to not distract your body or mind with other visual stimuli during class. This also keeps your focus on what is actually happening in the room during each practice session instead of what others may be wearing outside of it.

What You Should Know Before You Decide

One of the most important things to consider before you decide to wear makeup in a yoga class is your skin type. If your skin is oily and prone to breakouts with regular use, then it may be best to avoid wearing makeup altogether. Another thing to think about is whether or not you are wearing makeup outside of the yoga studio. If you tend to put on makeup before heading out, then there’s probably no reason not to do so while practicing too.
The one thing that should never waiver is your natural beauty! To keep this at the forefront of your mind, choose colors that will complement your skin tone and hues that won’t clash with the natural colors in your body and hair. For example, if you have dark hair and fair skin, go for deep purples and navy blues instead of reds or greens.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has many benefits. It can be used to help combat stress and anxiety, ease pain, improve concentration and focus, and much more. In addition, yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the Western world as it is now widely considered a healthy activity that can improve your quality of life.

Drawbacks of Yoga-Wear

The downside to wearing makeup to classes is that you’re taking away from the purity of the experience you’re seeking. If you decide to wear makeup, it could be perceived as an act of vanity which can distract your mind, body, and breath during your practice session. This distraction can cause your focus to shift and possibly hinder your progress.

Which to Do?

There are many yogis who do not wear makeup at all, while others will only wear it on special occasions. For example, you can wear makeup to a yoga class that is themed around a holiday or a particular culture, like a Mexican Day of the Dead celebration. In this case, wearing your best Day of the Dead costume and makeup would be perfectly acceptable as you are doing so to celebrate the occasion.
It is also important to remember that when it comes to yoga, there isn’t any one way that works for everyone all the time. This means that what makes sense for you may not make sense for someone else. So, if you feel more comfortable without makeup during yoga class, then go for it! If you decide you want to wear some of your favorite products and colors during practice time, then by all means do so and enjoy yourself!


If you are the type of person who enjoys yoga and you feel better when wearing makeup, then by all means wear it to your yoga practice! However, if you would like to give up your makeup for a day and see how your body and mind feels without it, then try practicing yoga without makeup.


What are the benefits of wearing makeup while practicing yoga?

There are no clear cut answers on whether you should or shouldn’t wear makeup while doing yoga. That being said, there are many reasons why you may want to or choose not to.

While I understand the appeal of doing yoga without any makeup on your face, I also know that it’s an important part of feeling confident and beautiful on the inside as well as outside. If you don’t feel like wearing makeup or don’t feel comfortable wearing it in public, then I fully support that choice and wouldn’t try to change it for anyone. Whether or not you feel confident doing so is up to you, but we should all have a choice in the matter.

Another thing to consider is the influence that yoga may have over your perception of yourself. I believe it’s beneficial to do things that help us grown and develop as a person, even if they aren’t always fun! So while there may be no immediate benefit to wearing makeup while doing yoga, I think it will help you feel more confident and empowered in your personal life overall.

Is it necessary to wear makeup while practicing yoga?

The short answer is: it depends on who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Yoga is a practice that cultivates both personal and collective transformation. In order for it to have maximum benefit, it must be practiced in the context of your own life as well as in the context of a community that respects your personal boundaries and encourages you to express yourself however you see fit.

I believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to yoga, nor should there be. It’s important to find what works best for you and learn how to self-regulate your practice so that you don’t get burned out or end up doing something you don’t want to do.That being said, though, I do think certain things are generally a good idea for most people, even if it’s not part of their express purpose for practicing yoga

In my experience, wearing makeup during yoga class is often more about how we choose to use it than what we choose to wear with it. I think it can feel regimented and removed from our daily experience if we do it purely for appearance’s sake. Instead, I prefer to feel like my makeup reflects who I am on the inside even when I’m not doing anything ritualized (or even if I am). And that means wearing eye makeup, face makeup and perfume not just lotion or powder. If we are secure enough in ourselves not only physically but emotionally, then the things we put on our skin will reflect the same level of self-esteem and self-confidence.

What are the risks of not wearing makeup while practicing yoga?

As attractive as it might seem, yoga can be dangerous to your makeup if you’re not taking proper precautions. You don’t want to tear your eyes or cheeks during the practice. Furthermore, if your face is dripping with sweat, your makeup will last much shorter. So, skip the mascara and go barefaced!

Another thing you will want to avoid is having rough or tight clothing on during the practice. Your clothing will leave imprints on your face and this is something you don’t want to happen. Loose fitting clothing that easily moves with you is best.

All in all, there really isn’t any compelling reason not to wear makeup while practicing yoga. It can be uncomfortable at times but most people will find some way around it. Listen to the concerns of your instructor if they offer any and make sure that everything is safe for you to do so.

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